The Aetrex technology development team consists of a diverse group of software programmers that work together to create exciting User Interface and Experience for your customers. For over 15 years they have developed software for scanners and mobile devices that have helped millions of people experience relief from unnecessary foot pain.

AlbertOS is a new, groundbreaking operating system that runs the Albert and Gaitway scanning devices, and can be easily operated using simple voice or touch commands. The software has six primary sections, including Sols 3DiStep PressureData Card, Pronation Axis and more.


Aetrex is bringing consumers back into stores like never before with Albert, its revolutionary, 3D foot scanner. Albert captures unmatched data and information about feet, enabling consumers to make more educated buying decisions when it comes to footwear and orthotic purchases. Featuring 18 digital cameras, 960 infrared LEDs & receptors and over 5,000 gold plated sensors, Albert offers the most sophisticated, interactive, in-store scanning experience to date.

The AlbertOS software presents a truly memorable user experience for your customers. The 3D digital analysis of the foot provided after the scan can be used in perpetuity and accessed from anywhere. This fully integrated, cloud based retail solution not only results in a superior consumer experience, but ultimately enhances a retailer’s bottom line.


  • Albert OS
  • Glossy paint finish for easy cleaning & durability
  • 5,184 Gold plated barometric sensors
  • 960 Infrared LED’s and receptors
  • Dimensions: 40.8″ x 28.3″ x 5.6″ / approximately 18 lbs
  • Pressure measuring area 36cm x 36cm
  • 16 cameras for 3D viewing & Maximum data collection
  • 2 Cameras for pronation analysis
  • Colorful LED displays
  • 3 year warranty


Create a more impactful retail experience with the new Aetrex Gaitway scanner, featuring the consumer engaging, AlbertOS software package. The Gaitway captures more data under foot than any other scanner with over 5,000 gold plated barometric sensors. The scanner comes with two attachable wings to help provide an ideal platform for pressure gait analysis.

Gaitway sets the industry standard by capturing gait pressure data at an unparalleled rate of 30 frames per second. Featuring both dynamic and static pressure tests, the Gaitway offers an authentic user experience that can’t be matched online. Your store will generate substantial revenue by offering custom selected orthotic solutions to help consumers feel better on their feet.


  • Albert OS
  • Rechargeable plate powers over 24 hours
  • 5,184 Gold plated barometric sensors
  • Glossy paint finish for easy cleaning & durability
  • Dimensions: 47″ x 22″ x 1.45″ / approximately 9 lbs
  • Pressure measuring area 36cm x 36cm
  • Two attachable wings included
  • Dynamic Test at an unmatched rate of 30 frames per second
  • Gait analysis, shows pressure distribution while walking
  • 3 years warranty

ALBERT & GAITWAY Display Options: Galaxy Display Set & 42" All-In-One

Aetrex is pleased to offer two display options for the Albert and Gaitway scanners – The Galaxy Display Set or a 42” All-in-One.

The Galaxy display Set comes in two parts – a free-standing primary display and a companion unit, creating an impactful point of sale. The primary display comes with a 27” all-in-one touch panel computer, easy to use hand railings and a base designed specically for the scanners. This display can effectively showcase your Albert or Gaitway along with 120 pairs of Aetrex orthotics on the front and back of the unit. In addition, the Galaxy set comes with a companion display, compactly holding 96 pairs of additional orthotics with the same aesthetic presentation.

The 42” in All-In-One provides a large visual of the Albert or Gaitway foot scan experience. By offering a wall mount function and wire covers, you get a stunning, high-tech presentation with the fexibility to save space on the floor.

Galaxy Display set

  • 27″ Touchscreen All-In-One computer
  • Intel i5″ Processor 2.40GHz
  • 8GB RAM & 1TB Hard drive
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • 2GB Dedicated video
  • Galaxy Primary Display
  • Galaxy Companion Display

42" Display

  • 42″ Touchscreen All-In-One computer
  • Intel i5″ Processor 3.20GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD Hard drive
  • Windows 10
  • 2GB Dedicated video
Scanners Albert Gaitway
Pressure Test X X
Sizing X
Arch Measurements – Pressure X X
Before & After Orthotics – Pressure X X
Gait Analysis (Pressure) X
Gait Analysis (Camera) X
Pronation X
3D Scanning X
Before & After Orthotics – 3D X
Bluetooth X
Sensors 5184 5184
Weight 18 lbs 9 lbs
Size 40.8” x 28.3” x 5.6” 47” x 22” x 1.45”
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