The Aetrex technology development team features a diverse group of leading software programmers that work together to create an exciting user interfaces and experiences for your customers.  For over 15 years this group has developed software for scanners and mobile devices that have helped millions of people experience relief from unnecessary foot pain.

AlbertOS is a new, groundbreaking operating system that runs the Albert and Gaitway scanning technologies and can be easily operated using simple voice or touch commands.  The software has 6 primary sections, including Sols 3D, iStep Pressure,  Data Card, Pronation Axis and more.

Albert OS

The Albert Operating System presents a truly memorable user experience. Aetrex’s proprietary Albert character takes you on a step-by-step journey through the foot scanning process using touch or voice commands, to make it easy and fun for your customers. The software has six primary sections to help customers learn more about their feet than ever before.

Featured within the AlbertOS, iStep® Pressure Technology offers a colorful 2D view of the foot, showing pressure points and arch type. This component of the software displays a pressure meter, allowing you to touch a particular point on the foot to see the numeric level of pressure in that section.

SOLS 3D & Sizing provides a 3D viewing of the foot, enabling the ability to rotate the foot 360 degrees. There is also a zoom function within the rotation, so you can hone in on certain areas of the feet to understand details of the anatomy. Additionally, SOLS 3D accurately provides the length, width and height measurement of the foot presented to 1/10th of a millimeter.

Working in tandem with Aetrex’s orthotic lines, Albert is tied to a unique business model that’s proven to have tremendous impact to a retailer’s bottom line. The Albert scanning experience encourages consumers to wear custom selected orthotics for their specific foot type and lifestyle. The orthotic recommendation is based on your customer’s individual size, pressure and arch type. With AlbertOS, providing an impactful in-store experience and increasing consumer retention has never been easier.

AlbertOS I iStep Pressure & Arch Types

Aetrex was the pioneer of pressure plate technology to consumer markets, launching iStep in 2002. Over fifteen years later, Aetrex has placed over 10,000 devices globally that utilize this proprietary technology.

iStep has educated millions of people throughout the world about their particular arch type, pressure points and much more. With the latest Albert release, iStep pressure plate technology is integrated into the new operating system. With an updated sensor design, we are now able to capture more data and see greater definition of the pressure points than ever before. The latest feature is the Pressure Meter, which allows you to pinpoint a particular spot on the foot to understand the level of pressure in that specific area. Other features include Chalkboard capabilities and iTest to compare pressure with and without orthotics.

AlbertOS SOLS 3D & Sizing

Integrating the computer vision technology that was acquired with SOLS, the new Albert scanning platform provides 3D viewing and sizing of your customer’s actual foot, with the ability to rotate and zoom in on problem areas. Measurement of the foot is presented in three dimensions – length, width and height – with accuracy down to a 1/10th of a millimeter. These measurements in turn are converted to a recommended shoe size for each individual.

AlbertOS presents the most realistic 3D viewing on the market today. Customers love being able to see their foot in three dimensions. It is a truly engaging in-store experience that has never been available at the consumer level, designed to create viral demand for your business and to encourage consumers to return to the store.

AlbertOS I Data Card

Aetrex is incorporating machine learning and advanced data analytics on all of the information collected by Albert throughout the scanning process. This includes key statistical information from iStep Pressure Technology, SOLS 3D & Sizing and Pronation Axis. Highlights will be featured on the Albert Data Card, including: heel-to-toe length, metatarsal width, arch height, arch depth, girth, pressure distribution, average Kg pressure stats and more.

AlbertOS will retain all statistics related to each customer’s feet in the cloud. These key statistics can be used by retailers to achieve optimal consumer outcomes, better inventory management, and to substantially improve the product development process. The data card ultimately educates consumers and businesses about foot type variations and pressure patterns in a way that’s accurate, relevant and measurable.

AlbertOS I Additional Highlights

The AlbertOS is packed with features designed to deliver authentic benefits to consumers and retailers. Here are some of the additional highlights:

Pronation Axis: Pronation Axis is the proprietary software (patent pending) created to help educate consumers about proper foot and ankle alignment and the benefits of orthotics. Albert identifies the degree to which the foot pronates by creating an “axis” down the Achilles tendon, while simultaneously highlighting the medial view of the arch. With a before and after image of how the foot functions, it’s easy to show customers how to properly align the body using the suggested orthotic type.

Cloud Marketing: At Aetrex we understand that capturing your customer’s digital attention and maintaining it are vital to success. Our cloud marketing suite of assets enable you to automate customized digital campaigns in numerous ways to help your business. Other options include a personalized Thank You email, as well as a Reminder function that automatically sends alerts when it’s time to revisit the store for a scan. Customers can also opt in to receive Footprints™, the popular, weekly digital newsletter packed with educational foot health tools, wellness articles and much more.

Gait Analysis: Gait Analysis is a new feature that works in conjunction with a treadmill by capturing video of a customer’s stride while running or walking. The Albert software allows you to play back the frame-by-frame analysis, as well as zoom in to see a close up of how the foot functions at impact. There is a side-by-side comparison window to see how the left and right foot vary. Other options for comparison include a 4-window screen to see how the foot alignment changes before and after using the correct shoe and orthotic.

Control Panel: The AlbertOS Control Panel is another cloud based feature of the new platform, giving you the ability to manage your scanner and all of its activity remotely. Whether you have one store or multiple locations, access is available 24/7 from any mobile or desktop device. Popular features of the Control Panel include reviewing scan activity for specific employees and store locations, creating custom reports to help maximize a scanner’s impact to your bottom line and much more

Nova OS

NovaOS integrates both wireless and cloud computing technologies with easy to use touch screen ‘app’ functionality. This innovative software is customizable, intuitive to learn and offers personalized service for your customers.

The proprietary software custom selects the ideal Aetrex orthotic for your customers and provides a unique in-store technology platform that enables you to capture consumer emails without even completing a transaction. This valuable data, together with the cloud functionality provides an easy way to connect with consumers through custom emails, surveys and follow up messages. You can also engage with them through Footprints, a customized digital weekly newsletter that can be designed specifically to incorporate your logo and store information.

The NovaOS Control Panel can provide powerful retail analytics and scan analysis data to help maximize Nova’s potential for your business. In addition, its mobile functionality allows you to remotely manage numerous NovaOS functions, including the apps and user interface.